Kna's mission is to reach people through various music styles.  Their music is designed to uplift and cause you to dream again. 


Natives of California, this brother/sister team have been performing together most of their lives. There parents found out they were gifted at age 3, when they could both play keys and sing in harmony. James and Christine grew up in church and have always pushed the envelope when it came to Christian music. James, the baby boy of 5 siblings, was known as a musical prodigy. Playing several instruments at mastery-level, he succeeds at almost anything he puts his hands to do. Christine, the baby girl and second youngest, is a lyrical genius as well as vocal arranger. She too can play several instruments ranging from woodwind to brass and percussion. Together they are an unstoppable team of many talents and a two-man band. Their number one goal is for people to be instilled with hope, peace and joy in a world that seems so hopeless at times. KNA's lyrics speak of a powerful LOVE that is greater than anything we could ever know in any human being. The love of CHRIST. There music style is unique and ranges from pop/rock to dance music and back to worship.